// Beukende en gedreven alternative hardrock uit Groningen

Once upon a time, one of the founding fathers of Rock had a passionate love affair with a slutty mistress. Their offspring resulted in an overactive and schizophrenic lovebaby called Unamused. Ten years of touching ground with just about any musical genre that involves distorted guitars, heart raising bass interludes and the occasional double-kick fill shows that histories' rock cliche’s have not gone out of style.

Unamused likes to take the stage with youthful enthusiasm and tireless energy, lifing the traditional barriers between rock and metal. This musical recital is combined with carefully rehearsed pieces of choreography that are meant to compensate for their lack of dancing skills, thus designed to enhance their “stage presence”. Previous Unamused gigs took place at the Gideon Festival, Vera, Simplon and many other smoke-filled bars across the Netherlands.

Artiest specificaties

Alternative / Progessive / Rock
Regio Groningen


Jelle Sijtsema // Vocals
Bart Jan Teunisse // Lead Guitar
Ewout Hiemstra //Rythm Guitar + Backing Vocals
Joost van Duijn // Bass + Backing Vocals
Ramon Rellum // Drums + Backing Vocals