Trackless play their own folkpoprock songs with great ehtousiasm.

Trackless plays music that hard to describe. It's folkpop with a raw edge, pop-rock with a soft touch or singer-songwriter music in group formation. The choice is up to the public. The combination is special: one man and one woman, both lead. Together, they bring a varied set and beautiful harmonisations.
Trackless is straightforward. The self-written lyrics are well-aimed. The music is pure and unpolished. Trackless creates its own path, but is not afraid to abandon this path as well. Their sound is recognisable and surrounds the audience with a great vibe.

Artiest specificaties

Alternative / Folk / Pop / Rock
Regio Tilburg


Zangeres (lead), zanger/gitarist (lead zang/akoestische gitaar), gitarist, toetsenist, bassist, drummer