Squin (dj)

Van Party tot Progressive, een topavond wordt het!

Without music you can't survive. A sentence very true for this hard working and dedicated producer and dj. After building up a proven reputation as a performing dj, now is the time to let the world meet his music productions.

The young Dutch fellow Pieter Limburg performs under the name of Squin. He started to play the piano at 7 and wrote his first song at only 12 years old. After experimenting with different kinds of music in bands, finally dance music caught his attention. Mainly the love for big synths and beautiful harmonics made him interested in trance and house music above anything else. He organized a big high school finale party to feature his first dj skills and after experimenting with Cubase he was one of the very first with various kind of bootleg remixes and mashups, making his sets fresh and very unique, surprising the crowd with populair songs in house versions.

Nowadays he is recognized as a respected dj for building up the evening and carefully selecting his tracks to get from climax to climax and keeping the evening alive and in outstanding atmosphere during his whole set.

In 2010 the producer Squin really got a chance to show his skills as he was asked to make a remix for the world famous Dutch 90s dance act "Twenty 4 Seven". In a collaboration and under the name of ClubCrew he made three remixes which all made it to the single and his "dirty" version was even picked up by a dutch radio station.

In 2011 a remix competition was signed out by Darren Bailie (Guru Project - Infinity). With his exhibit of a clubcrew remix of the 80s song "promise me - Beverly Craven" he won the second price of this world wide remix contest and set the pase for his production career.

For 2012 the goals are higher. Recent collaborations with respected dance producers will lead to high quality and innovating productions. So keep an eye on this promising and talented Dutch music producer and dj.


Artiest specificaties

Pop / R&B / Trance
Regio Weert