Smalltown Nobodies

When you’ve heard Smalltown Nobodies, you want more...

Late 2008, after a three-year-break, the gentlemen of the Smalltown Nobodies decided to start looking for a new singer and to start rehearsing again. The new singer they found is called Lain Barbier. The renewed collaboration, combined with the raw vocals of Lain, resulted in an excellent debut album, which the band will be presenting during the CD release in Music Centre Total Music Schiedam.

Their music brings a melting pot of influences to a boil. Think of a mixture of Clawfinger and a bit of Dreamtheater, drenched in the raw soul sound of front man Lain. Even though the band predominantly makes high-energy Power Rock, some songs are also good to dance to.

When on stage, the Smalltown Nobodies really show what they are worth, be it at a festival or on any other stage. Within no time at all, they set the house on fire! Their number of fans increases every day. It’s impossible for them to not leave a lasting impression.

Artiest specificaties

Metal / Rock
Regio Rotterdam


Singer - Lain Barbier
Guitar - Berry Boeser
Guitar - Erwin de Brouwer
Bass - Ed Boeser
Drums - Donald Kuijper
Keyboard/guitar - Ruud Schoof