Raw, Loud, Immoral but Evident

“Raw, loud, immoral but evident”
This is what the groove-metal band SKULLSUIT stands for.
After some years of musical experience and the search for the right people to work with, SkullSuit was founded in January 2011.
By combining heavy guitar riffs with groovy rhythms the band creates refreshing music.
Due to the different musical interests within the band, varied melodies and powerful riffs were stacked upon this base.
SKULLSUIT’s demo, titled “Raw, Loud, Immoral but Evident”, was released in May 2011.
After this release they presented their music on stage.
From this point on a series of shows followed in a fast pace on varied (inter)national stages.
At the end of 2013 the band signed their first management deal with Limelight Productions.
With Limelight’s support the recordings of Skullsuit’s first full length album is coming close to an end.
This album’s release is planned for summer 2014.
While the band did sign up with Limelight’s managment deal, the band had to part ways with Robbie, their friend and bassist who’s been around since starting up the band and the recordings of their demo and album. Robbie’s deep, low tuned bass lines defined a lot of how SKULLSUIT’s heavy sounds came together.
So a worhty replacement was due to be found.
After a short search the band found the one replacement which fit the band the best with sound and attitude, this would be Roel Käller. With a conservatory degree under his belt and years of experience in many styles of music, Roel returns to metal as the newest member of SKULLSUIT.

Artiest specificaties

Regio Koningsbosch


Roy Goossens - Vocals
Dennis Carroll - Rhythm Guitar
Ian Deep - Lead Guitar
Roel Käller - Bass
Rob Meisters - Drums