Shagging Ponies

Don't forget to bring your grandma!!


Once upon a time, when Justin Bieber wasn't even a sperm cell, there were five musically talented Dutch guys, disappointed with the musical climate back then. During a US road trip that eventually took more than three years, they decided to hit the record studio to elaborate some of the ingenious ideas that came up their minds. Very soon the record studio became a favourite place to hang out for the new friends they made on that journey: guys like Axl Rose, Vince Neil and Bret Michaels. Caught by the sheer genius of some of these ideas, these guys liked to collaborate with the Dutch. Who of course refused, as they really had to return to The Netherlands, attracted by this new Dutch enactment called 'gedoogbeleid'.

But back in The Netherlands, something else drew their attention: Smarties. Completely taken by storm by these fancy coloured pills, the guys were psychically off the track for many years. When they all returned to their normal consciousness, they discovered that in the meantime their 'friends' from the old days, had topped the charts, earned millions and banged as many chicks by performing the songs they recorded on their road trip! Many lawsuits followed, but of course not one judge would believe those five guys who still dressed up like time had stood still: spandex, headbands, long hair and even not averting guyliner. Disappointed with this, but aware of their capabilities, they decided to dust off their instruments and hit the road again. They are back, entertaining hundreds of wildly enthusiastic people at bars, pubs and festivals with their 'original version': the Shagging Ponies.

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Classic Rock / Rock
Regio Rotterdam


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Dave Gonzo
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