Memento Mori

Melodic Death Metal with Deathcore influences

Memento Mori has lived with several Line-Up's but the most definite changes where made in September 2011 when Luiz en Koen joined the band. Roger joined in 2012 to replace Jelle Herderschee.

Since Spring 2012 Memento Mori plays with 8 string guitars and a 6 six string bass. The kind of metal changes a bit per song, but it's a mix of Melodic Deathcore and Technical Deathmetal. But we don't need to be put in a box, one thing is for certain, our soul purpose is to deliver a show no-one forgets!

Artiest specificaties

Regio Amsterdam



Drums - Daniel Witjes
Guitar - Ralph Nuberg
Guitar - Koen Krol
Bass - Roger Vd Graaf
Vocals - Luiz Selendyow