Kill Once More

Dynamische en energieke metal-band uit Apeldoorn/Amersfoort/Zutphen.

Kill Once More is a dynamic metal band with a lot of different influences like Killswitch Engage, Metallica and many other bands.

After years of playing in different formations, starting in 1999 as Pharmacon, they have now settled in a energetic, creative and sturdy five man formation consisting of Wilbert Pannekoek, Tim Stokkers, Jeffrey Nijland, Dennie Modderkolk and Tom Burger.

With political, social and sometimes very personal lyrics, emotion is put in every word and, subsequently, in every note that is played in the studio and on stage.

Since late fall 2011, the band is once again performing on stage and they hunger for more.

Artiest specificaties

Regio Apeldoorn, Zutphen, Amersfoort


Wilbert Pannekoek: Vocals
Tim Stokkers: Elektrische Gitaar
Jeffrey Nijland: Elektrische Gitaar
Tom Burger: Basgitaar
Dennie Modderkolk: Drums