Let's face it: KABUKI ROCKS!

KABUKI is a band with an exciting, recognizable sound! ‘In your face’ guitar riffs and powerful vocals, accompanied by heavy bass lines and pounding drums.

Their first cd is out now and you are up for a Rock and Roll ball!!

Three-headed rock band KABUKI from Holland distinguishes by playing originals in a mid ‘70s hardrock style, influenced by rock icons such as Kiss, AC/DC and Alice Cooper. Starting as a Kiss-tribute band, the idea came up to write original music in that same style. In a
short while, they had enough material to begin recording.

Let’s face it, KABUKI rocks! There’s just one thing: after listening once, KABUKI won’t leave your mind…

Artiest specificaties

Classic Rock / Rock
Regio Axel


Jiro - drums
Caesar - guitars
Rock ''n Roll Coby - bass + vocals