post-punk/alternative rock

HALL 21 was born in september 2006. Two singers and guitarists, Cyril Perrin and Bruno Denizane, who love indie rock, met together. They had played in others bands before (Exvoto, Malice Prime, Lovely Dumb Machine). They've been joined by Yannick Denizane (ex-bass player in Malice Prime) and Vincent Aufray (who plays several instruments). The alchimy of this collaboration offers melodies, power and emotion. This dark and poetic, hypnotic and powerful rock contains lyrics about love, spleen and dreams of a better life.

Artiest specificaties

Alternative / Punk / Rock
Regio Rennes (FR)/ Beuningen


Cyril Perrin (vocals, guitar, bass)
Bruno Denizane (vocals, guitar)
Yannick Denizane (bass)
Vincent Aufray (drums)