Generation 84

Regardless of what is right!

Have you ever felt the need to make some waves? Have you ever felt bad about old values being thrust aside? Well, we felt the need to give punkrock a kick in the butt and put it back up right where it belongs. In this grey society where everyone is becoming more and more happy to live according to the latest TV-show or fashion magazine, we want to break out from this ‘Generation 84’ by trying to live up to our own dreams. It’s time to take back punkrock to the outcast core it used to be. Straightforward, no nonsense, just having fun playing music and storming stages, while kicking shins in the process. So get ready and arm yourself, because this generation will grab you by the throat.

Artiest specificaties

Metal / Punk / Rock
Regio Aarschot



Teun: Zang
Hans: Gitaar
Wesley: Gitaar
Stijn: Basgitaar
Dieter: Drums