Evelyns Cradle

Society 2012


Evelyn's Cradle found it's origin back in 2002, after a couple of years of work and bandchanges the band ( in the following formation: Ron : Guitar/Vocals and Sarah : Bass ) got in the studio to record the album Partners in Time.
During the recording process the band gave birth to a new bandname : Evelyn's Cradle titled.

The band recorded the album Partners in Time in corporation with Canadian producer Tim Greencorn from the Little chicago Studios and Frankie Biggz as a co-producer and drummer on the album.

After departure from Sarah on Bass, Ron started to search for new bandmembers after a lot of strugling and again some bandformation changes and a lack of management, He refound his music and hapiness with Willem on drums and Folker on guitar. From here they started as a trisome to lay down again the basics of being a band. Ron decided to handle the bass from now on, as he always did in his previous bands.
Now the band's back on full force the Cradle is stronger then ever before. They are allready busy with writing new songs for the next album which will be entitled Transmitters.

Artiest specificaties

Regio Middelburg


Ron; Vocals/Bass
Folker; Guitar
Willem; Drums
Mikey; Guitar
Criss; Sound Engineer