Feel, Hear and See Defense!!

Defense is a band which is active on the DUTCH stages since 2003.
Now they are back after a short break with a whole new setting.
Cor "Mad Max" Fens, as founder and drummer of Defense, is now joined by Rob "The Fixxxman" Hendrikse, Angelica 'Angel' Heidenreich. Johan van Hengel regularly fills in the spot as bass player.

They are playing semi-acoustisch rock, pop en classics in the style of the late Peter de Vries. Besides that 1 of the acoustische guitars is regularly switched for an electric Jazz-guitar to give it a more powerful sound.

Cor has already more than 30 years of experience by playing in various bands.
In 2003 he started the band Defense, a powerrock/blues band from the region of Brielle.

Cor and Rob knew each other through the wonderous world of music and already had the plan to do something together.
De first years it stayed by playing on different jam-sessions through out the country.

Rob already had a lot of experience on the other side of the music industry (organising and promoting) before he learned to play the guitar (the late Peter de Vries strongly recommended him to do so).
After his first bandexperience in the Hangover Backup Bluesband, Rob only participated in jam sessions with Cor.
In 2008 Cor and Rob started a band called Gajus.
After a streak of good shows, they decided to put the project on hold,because it became very difficult to get musiscian with the same vision and interests.So after a few switches of musiscians they put the project on hold for a while and maybe pick it up in a later stage.

In 2009 the new Defense saw the light as a support act for the English band The Brew. In the following years Defense did a lot of shows with different band members, but in 2011 de final setting is made.

Defense's final setting is now:
Cor 'Mad Max' on drums and vocals
Rob 'Fixxxman' on guitar and vocals
Angelica 'Angel on vocals

Artiest specificaties

Classic Rock / Pop / Rock
Regio Dordrecht


Cor Fens - Drums/Vocals
Angelica HEidenreich - Vocals
Rob Hendrikse - Guitar/Vocals

Johan van Hengel - Bass/Vocals