Young and Damaged


Young and Damaged is a post-hardcorepunknoise duo from Deurne, NL. It arose from a failed band, called The Sunshine Band. This band didn't work because of a lack of a bassist and lack of motivation of the singer/guitarist. Remaining only two members (drummer and guitarist). They decided to start a duo, which they later called Young and Damaged. They started screwing around with a Big Muff, loud drums and raw vocals. Old people usually cry about the rehearsals at the drummers house. So it's not very likeable music. Old people are always right, because they aren't damaged, unlike us. We come to infect and pollute with noise and put everything on fire. Don't you ever dare to try to understand our mental issues. Just listen and get yourself brainwashed by heavy distorted tones, cracked amplifiers and dissonance. See us now, before it's too late. Because in two years we will be selling millions of records and then we will be arrogant scumbags, who don't talk to anyone. So kill your parents, eat your children and burn your house down.

Artiest specificaties

Punk / Rock
Regio Deurne


Pim van Gemert (Gitaar, Backingvocals)
Joep Hermans (Drums, Leadvocals)