Old school thrash/death metal

ADAPTOR was founded late 2010 by bass player Alex van Harn and Robert van Rooij. Soon thereafter, vocalist Cees Heijdel and drummer Bono Grotenbreg joined forces.

The four-piece band has released their first 3 track promo "FIRE IN THE HALLWAY' at the end of April 2012, of which the tracks are also available on MySpace, Facebook and Reverbnation. In addition, a video clip was released on YouTube - not just one, but two versions were made public. One of which features the band playing on toy guitars ..

The band features members from Soulreaver, Drowned In Torment, LOCK&LOAD, LD02, Cremation and many more. After their first try-out show in 2011 and a show at the annual Geurfest event in Ede, they are ready to hit the stage in 2012.

The band is quite flexible - they have played at funeral receptions, weddings and open band nights; Adaptor does not shy away from new challenges.

Artiest specificaties

Alternative / Metal
Regio Ede/Wageningen


Alex - bass/backing vocals
Bono - drums
Cees - vocals
Robert - lead guitars/backing vocals