A Bridge Too Far

A High octane mix from heavy guitars with a sweet bite. In short. Post-Hardcore with a high boyband level

Post hardcore is mostly a recipe for moshing and breaking stuff, but a A Bridge Too Far brings a sweet bite tot that. Defined as Candycore, by member Marco Pieterson.
This new Candycore band from Enschede, The Netherlands, is influenced by Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, While She Sleeps and Emarosa just to name a few. They are bringing a whole new wave of the Post-Hardcore-Scene to the Netherlands. Everyone who has seen Pierce the Veil perform, know how that music is able to busts some nuts. The boys didn’t need any more reasons to pick up their own instruments and give the genre a twist.
The band, consists of four young guys, everyone with a different background. The American Post-Hardcore-Scene interest is what brought them together. They also make use of their other talents besides mastering their instruments. Sean is a photographer and director and Lennart is a music producer. This shows in their live performance, being enhanced by electronic samples and visuals.
Starting 2013, these four guys have been working on their debut EP, the lyrics comprehend sensitive and unusual themes. The music is a high octane mix from heavy guitarwork to latin percussion. In short, Post-Hardcore with a high boyband level.

Artiest specificaties

Alternative / Hardcore / Metal / Pop / Punk / Rock
Regio Enschede


Vocals/Guitar - Lennart Brugman
Guitar - Sean Von Stockhausen
Bass - Kevin Donkervoort
Drums - Marco Pieterson